School Enterprise Challenge- ‘Teach A Man to Fish’

School Enterprise Challenge- ‘Teach A Man to Fish’

Evergreen Sr Sec School, Vasundhara Enclave started the Activity ‘Bag for life’ under School Enterprise Challenge- ‘Teach A Man to Fish.’ Students conducted a survey in nearby areas and local market. Based on the preferences of people for Cloth or Paper over Polythene which is non- biodegradable and is choking the environment, students prepared Cloth bags & Sling bags and put up a counter to sell them to the parents. The parents appreciated their efforts wholeheartedly by buying them. They also expressed their happiness that the school focused on not only creating awareness but also taking measures on this Global Issue. Another important aspect that was focused upon was Skill Development among students which is the need of the hour and also stressed upon by the government. The students are determined to continue in their efforts n make earth a better place to live!


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